Time-Lapse Panoramas

I work with time-sequenced panoramas where each 360-degree perspective represents a slice of time. I use the panoramic perspective to flatten out and explore the simultaneous view of what's in front and what's behind as a way to try to see everything all at once.

While many things are viewed for their fa├žade, I like to think that what is underneath the surface is just as important as what's visible; that the view from behind is just as important as the view in front; that what is seen in the rear-view mirror is as significant as what is seen through the windshield.


Current Installation:

500 foot Panalateral Photograph of the Charles River along the Cambridge Riverfront

Landscape Mural at the King Open School Construction Site, 850 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA        2017- 2019

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Current Exhibition:

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

32 Fruit St, Boston, MA,

February - May 2019

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Sandy Point: Sunrise and Sunset

Johnson Cove: High and Low Tides

Johnson Cove: High Tide Summer, Low Tide Winter

Sandy Point: High Tide Fog, Low Tide Clouds

Johnson Cove: Low Tide, Sunrise and Sunset

Chebeague Sand Bar: High and Low Tides

Deer Point: Sunset Winter and Summer

Johnson Cove Rocks: Fog and Clouds


Willow Tree: One Hour