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Panalateral Photograph of the Charles River along the Cambridge riverfront

Charles River panalateral-DETAIL-43x5532
Detail of a section
Charles River Mural_20170909_6.jpg
Charles River Mural_20170909_12.jpg

In April, 2017, I was asked by the Cambridge Arts Council to create a mural to help beautify a 500-foot long construction barrier at the site of the King Open School on Cambridge Street. I decided to create a single continuous photograph of the Cambridge riverfront along the Charles River. I call it a "panalateral" since it follows the view along an elevation. Unlike a panorama that looks at the view around a single point, the panalateral follows along the length of something.


I kayaked down the Charles and took sequential photographs along its 5-mile length winding through Cambridge. After assembling about 250 images into one continuous image in Photoshop, I had it printed onto a 500 foot long vinyl mesh banner and attached to the existing fence at the construction site. The mural was installed and in place for the 2-year duration of the building project, 2017-2019.  

Charles River Mural_20170909_37-2.jpg
Charles River Mural_20170909_42.jpg
Charles River Panalateral_installation p
Street View of Installation

Drive-by view of the 500-foot panalateral photograph


Kayak-cam view going down the river

Detail of a section

Panalateral Photograph of Chebeague Island, Maine, 2018; installed 2020

Chbg Pana Install2-20200906-8-Edit Panor
Chebeague panalateral westside.jpg
Chebeague Panalateral Installation-20200

As a fundraiser for the Chebeague Island Rec Center, I installed a 240-foot long panalateral photograph of the entire perimeter of Chebeague Island. Due to the Covid pandemic, the idea was to create an outdoor event, and the tennis court fence became the perfect backdrop. Installed September, 2020.

Pigs in Pens at the Forsyth County Fair, Winston-Salem, NC, 1997

My first inspiration to make a panalateral.

final color all one piece.jpg
final left.jpg
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